The Most Common API Errors to Watch for in 2019

The Most Common API Errors to Watch for in 2019-12

API Errors You Would Never Consider

API Fortress has been in the testing space since 2014. In that time we've learned to never take creating detailed tests for granted. They can reveal some of the most unexpected problems, that can cost your company thousands of hours and millions of dollars. Most API errors are not caught within 24hrs because API tests aren't detailed enough.

In this white white paper you will learn...

  • Where an API can break
  • Why 75% of API errors are caught for a week
  • The 10 most unexpected errors we have seen
  • Learn what caused the errors and how to test for them

API testing is a field that is quickly growing, and unfortunately too much of that testing is done manually and not well enough. Take your API testing to the next level and automate it with API Fortress.

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